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Product Sales

Our our staff has decades of on the job utility experience and handle issues regarding high voltage safety products daily.

CESI maintains a large inventory of personal electric safety products from manufacturers like Salisbury by Honeywell, Hastings, Chance by Hubbell and Kunz Glove Company.  Below is an abbreviated list of the products we carry. Please call Eric or Tracy at 800-522-3520 for pricing.

Salisbury Gloves Description Class
E011R 5KV, 11" Straight Cuff Red Glove 0
E011B 5KV, 11" Straight Cuff Black Glove 0
E014Y 5KV, 14" Straight Cuff Yellow Glove 0
E114RB 10KV, 14" Straight Cuff Red/Black GLove 1
NG216RB 20KV, 16" Straight Cuff Red/Black Glove 2
NG216BCRB 20KV, 16" Bell Cuff Red/Black Glove 2
NG218CRB 20KV, 18" Contour Cuff Red/Black Glove 2
NG218BCRB 20KV, 18" Bell Cuff Red/Black Glove 2
NG316BCRB 30KV, 16" Bell Cuff Red/Black Glove 3
NG318BCRB 30KV, 18" Bell Cuff Red/Black Glove 3
NG318CRB 30KV, 18" Contour Cuff Red/Black Glove 3
NG418CRB 40KV, 18" Contour Cuff Red/Black Glove 4
Salisbury Sleeves Description Class
D2-R-YR-EC 20KV, Dipped Regular Sleeve Yellow/Red 2
D2-L-YR-EC 20KV, Dipped Large Sleeve Yellow/Red 2
D2-XL-YR-EC 20KV, Dipped Ex. Lg. Sleeve Yellow/Red 2
D3-R-YR-EC 30KV, Dipped Regular Sleeve Yellow/Red 3
D3-L-YR-EC 30KV, Dipped Large Sleeve Yellow/Red 3
D3-XL-YR-EC 30KV, Dipped Ex. Lg. Sleeve Yellow/Red 3
D3-S-YR-EC 30KV, Dipped Reg. 24" Sleeve Yellow/Red 3
2-R-Y 20KV, Molded Regular Sleeve Yellow 2
2-L-Y 20KV, Molded Large Sleeve Yellow 2
2-XL-Y 20KV, Molded Ex. Lg. Sleeve Yellow 2
3-R-Y 30KV, Molded Regular Sleeve Yellow 3
3-L-Y 30KV, Molded Large Sleeve Yellow 3
3-XL-Y 30KV, Molded Ex. Lg. Sleeve Yellow 3
4-R-M 40KV, Molded Regular Sleeve Maroon 4
4-L-M 40KV, Molded Large Sleeve Maroon 4
Rubber Cover Up    
OR-125-6 20KV, 6' Linehose non-connector 2
OR-125-6C 20KV, 6' Linehose w/connector 2
OR-150-6 30KV, 6' Linehose non-connector 3
ORC-150-6C 30KV, 6' Linehose w/connector 3
OR-150-4.5 30KV, 4.5' Linehose non-connector 3
ORC -150-4.5C 30KV, 4.5' Linehose w/connector 3
13 22" x 22" Orange Blanket Solid  
15 22" x 22" Split Orange Blanket  
900-E 36" x 36" Solid Blanket w/ 6 Eyes  
1700 36" x 36" Solid Blanket  
1300 36" x 36" Split Blanket  
OKRG 30KV Orange Insulating Hood 3
OJRG 20KV Orange Insulating Hood 2
Leather Protectors    
999-S 10" Kunz Low Voltage Protector  
913-S 13" Kunz Low Voltage Protector  
ILPG10A 10" Imported Salisbury Low Voltage Protector  
1057-3 12" Kunz Protector  
ILP-3S 12" Imported Salisbury Protector  
1050-5 14" Kunz Protector  
ILP5S 14" Imported Leather Protector Salisbury  
LP-5S 14" Salisbury Leather Protector  
1057-6 15" Kunz Protector  
ILPM-3S 12" Salisbury Mitten Protector  
2210-V 12" Glove Bag  
2226-V 18" Glove Bag  
2449CER675 Large Sleeve Bag  
2449TUR675 Combo 18" Glove & Sleeve Bag  
21 Nylon Blanket Pins  
P-3 Small Blanket Canister  
P-6 Large Blanket Canister  
10-4 10-4 Glove Dust  
S-1 Sleeve Straps (Single)  
SH-1 Sleeve Harness  
B-22 Sleeve Buttons (Package)  


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